The Apple MacBook Pro 13 has certainly captured the interest of the whole world With its smooth aluminium housing and default Apple symbol which lights up at the back of the display, none can mix up this notebook for some other even from far away!

Occasionally your MacBook Pro might not be working correctly. Damages to the device include being dropped accidentally, overheating because of too much debris accumulating inside, immersed in water, etc. Whenever you are trying to find experienced aid for your impaired device, your search is over, is here! Your malfunctioning notebook will be handled in a most proficient and careful manner befitting our crew of highly trained professionals who are forerunners in the repair of Apple goods.

Whatever the problem your device may possess, our technicians will be equipped to address it. It may interest you to find out that our business' success rate of the repair of Apple merchandise is 99%. With the efficiency of our professional specialists, we are capable of provide you with the quickest turnover time among any other of our rival organizations. Your MacBook Pro will be exhaustively examined and expertly fixed once it's delivered to us and this will take between 1 to 3 working days.

In the event of replacements needing to be done on your MacBook Pro 13, rest assured that we employs only genuine, high quality Apple components. Original Apple parts may be more expensive but they will make sure that your MacBook Pro will perform flawlessly after replacement and this cannot be guaranteed if you seek for less pricey choices. Authentic components will invariably end up tops in terms of resilience and quality functionality.

As for warranty, our firm has a default 90-day warranty period for all repairs and replacements conducted. If your MacBook Pro's trouble remains in spite of restoration, the warranty grants you to either take the gadget back to us for extra review or get a maximum repayment . Our company also practices environmentally friendly principle. We have proficiently eliminated the utilization of paper for all of our transactions and receipts are email generated and sent.

So if your MacBook Pro 13 is giving you any problems, come drop by and see us at eCurve, Petaling Jaya or at Village Mall, Sungai Petani and consider your problem remedied!

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