Apple's latest laptop, the MacBook Pro 13 which was produced towards the end of 2012 was hailed as the most captivating and effective laptop of its class. The unmistakable aluminum outer shell and Apple symbol which illuminates at the back of the LCD gives it all away.

Users of MacBook Pro 13 have brought to us their precious laptop which is damaged due to overheating, exposure to water and even exposure to impact. If you find yourself with a defective MacBook Pro 13, you may bring it to us for inspection. Our technicians are professionals and leaders in fixing Apple goods and your precious unit will be addressed in the most skilled manner. Any issue will be very rapidly determined and handled expertly and precisely by our specialists.

Moreover, if parts of the MacBook Pro 13 need to be replaced, we guarantees its clients that the company uses only superior original Apple components. This is because we know the standard of an original part cannot be matched by any other fake part.

We are furthermore providing you with a standard 90-day warranty period for any replacements or fixing made to your MacBook Pro 13. This 90-day warranty entitles you to bring your MacBook Pro back to us for a more in-depth assessment should your device continues to give you troubles even after servicing. A full repayment of your money will be presented if we cannot discover a satisfactory solution for your unit's trouble.

with other service providers, our firm is well-known for providing its clients the most effective turnover time. We will obtain your MacBook Pro, fix it and return it to you typically in just below 1-3 business days

The company is also in full support of an environmentally friendly climate. We do not work with any paper for our dealings. Instead of paper, all entries are completely input into our computer terminals and receipts are sent to our clients by way of the e-mail.

We welcome you to visit them online or at the eCurve, Petaling Jaya or the Village Mall, Sungai Petani whenever you are in search of someone reliable and qualified to manage your problematic MacBook Pro 13.

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